Vanina Moreillon Photography. Specialized in industrial and portraits. 
+41 78 719 03 15
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Vanina Moreillon was born in 1978 in Switzerland. She is a photographer working and living in Vevey​​​​​​​.
She fell in love with photography at the age of 20. As soon as she began taking pictures, she knew that she found what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. So she studied at the school of photography of Vevey (2000-2004) and then started to work specially in landscape and industrial photography area.
She works for press magazine and companies in parallel with a personal work devoted to the themes of portraiture and landscapes, questioning reality and past traces in photography.
She had several exhibitions in Switzerland, England and Africa. She received the 2nd prize of Theater Photography awarded by the Union of Swiss Theaters.
She was a member of the student jury for the Grand Prix Of Photography of Vevey.
She now does photo documentary, landscapes, portraits, architecture, concerts and construction sites follow up.

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